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Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS Service Provider WIZWEB TECHNOLOGY providing. The Cheapest Pricing for Bulk SMS service & Marketing SMS services in India
(Whatsapp Me +91 9807246884 OR Email Me hello@wizweb.in). WIZWEB TECHNOLOGY has been providing Digital Marketing Based services for over Several years. They provide for Transactional SMS solutions, Bulk Sms Solution, BulkVoice Call, Whatsapp with clients ranging from big Corporate and Multi-National Companies, Small retail vendors and even individuals and students.

You can send any Message with premium high priority Bulk SMS gateway. It leads to high-speed SMS and helps you to create a great touch with your clients. We provide BULK SMS API for integration of our BULK SMS Solution with your website. You can use secure HTTP API to integrate with your Website/ Application to send SMS to your customer or Client.

Promotional SMS

Promotional bulks sms is one of the most effective way of promoting ones own business.one can send mass messaging with single click with less cost. This serves the needs of small companies to multinational companies.
(Whatsapp Me +91 9807246884 OR Email Me hello@wizweb.in)

Transactional SMS

Transactional Bulk sms is useful for sending sms to DND and NON DND Numbers. Its serves the needs of Schools, Colleges, Financial Services, Stock market etc.
(Whatsapp Me +91 9807246884 OR Email Me hello@wizweb.in)

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